Drama and Musical Foundation 입학 자격 요건

Age18 years +
Educational LevelCompleted A levels
English levelIELTS 5.5+
Course Length3 terms
Taught Contact TimeUp to 40 hours per week
ProgressionDrama School or University
Audition requirementCandidates should deliver two monologues each (1 x classical and 1 x contemporary), from memory and in English.
Candidates should deliver monologues appropriate to their age and should deliver them in their own accent.
Candidate should be sure to wear loose and comfortable clothing.

Drama and Musical 학사 / 석사 과정 입학 자격 요건

지원 방법9월 1일부터 지원할 수 있고 학교에 온라인으로 직접 지원 가능하다.
빨리 지원하면 여러 날짜의 오디션 중 선택이 가능하니 서두르면 좋다.
예, Bristol Old Vic School은 2015년 2월 27일 석사지원 데드라인이다.
(오디션은 11월에서 4월 사이에 본다.)
Educational LevelDrama Foundation 졸업자 (학사지원)
Drama and Theatre Studies관련 학사 학위 소지자 (석사지원)
English levelIELTS 6.5 – 7

석사 지원시 오디션의 예

Audition Process

Each audition lasts for roughly forty five minutes

At your audition, you will be required to present:

  • A speech from a classical English play (written before 1800 – Elizabethan, Jacobean, Restoration or Eighteenth Century – Shakespeare is always appropriate).
  • A piece in prose from a modern play (written in the 20th or 21st Centuries).
  • A short, unaccompanied song – we suggest avoiding contemporary pop songs.
  • On top of this you may be given;
  • A short piece of Sight Reading prose – to be provided when you arrive, therefore you may wish to arrive earlier to prepare for this.

Each piece should last no longer than 2 minutes; if you exceed this time limit you may be stopped. For the song, you may wish to perform a verse and chorus from your chosen piece.